Puglia and Basilicata are characteristic regions of Southern Italy.
The area is also called “heel of the boot”.

MATERA is a legendary village rewarded as “Unesco World Heritage”.

The history of  this town is ultra-millennial.
Houses carved into the rock, caves and ancient civilizations appear
in this area since the Stone Age.
The city of “Sassi” is considered the third oldest city in the world.
The first settlement dates back to about ten thousand years ago.
The site is now considerated a Basilicata’s jewel.
Natural tuff caves hidden inside the canyon
attracted the first inhabitants 7000 years ago.
You’ll feel amazed looking through the gorge towards Matera’s huddled stones.
It would seem you come back to the ancient Holy Land.
In fact, this place has often been used for biblical scenes in Hollywood movies.

Your holiday continues in CENTRAL PART OF PUGLIA.

In the ranking of the best trips compiled by the prestigious magazine National Geographic, Puglia (or Apulia) has entered the twenty destinations in the world to see absolutely. This is a well-deserved reward to a land
where you can live unique experiences and, above all, taste culinary tradition. It is important to remember that there is the largest canyon in Europe (Laterza) and unlimited fields of “Giant Olive Trees” and “Mediterranean scrub
(between Ostuni and Valle d’Itria).
Here you can find wild, sandy and rocky beaches (Adriatic Sea)
Moving around Apulian hills you will discover the town of Alberobello
“Unesco World Heritage” site,
famous for its historic small stone houses with a cone-shaped roof called “Trulli”.

WHERE IS PUGLIA? It’s located in south-eastern position of Italy, in front of Greece/Albany.
Surface: 19.540 km2 Mountain: 1.5% Hill: 45.3% Plain: 53.2%
Sea: Adriatic, Jonian
Capital: Bari city. Number of Provinces: 6
Main Airport: “Karol Wojtyła” Bari (IATA: BRI) web: www.aeroportidipuglia.it/homepagebari
Main Railway Station: “Bari Centrale” web: www.baricentrale.it/en/
Renowned tourist cities: Alberobello, Ostuni, Cisternino, Lecce, Bari, Monopoli, Polignano a Mare, Gallipoli, Otranto.

WHERE IS BASILICATA? It’s located in southern position of Italy, between Puglia and Campania (Naples)
Surface: 9.995 km2 Mountain: 46.9% Hill: 45.1% Plain: 8.0%
Sea: Jonian/Thyrrhenian
Capital: Potenza city. Number of Provinces: 2
Renowned tourist city: Matera


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